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General Questions

We’ll analyze your potential sources of income in retirement, uncovering ways to help optimize and maximize your Social Security benefits, pension options and account distributions.
Through our Income and Investment Risk Assessment, we’ll identify how much of your annual retirement income will be sourced from accounts exposed to market volatility. We’ll also review your portfolio allocation, making sure it’s in line with your retirement income goals and personal tolerance for risk.
Investment fees could be pulling down your portfolio’s performance, leaving you short of your growth goals. We’ll conduct a Cost Analysis to show you exactly what your fees are and steps you can take to potentially reduce costs that may be dragging down your investment returns.
Using our proactive tax planning and tax reduction strategies, we’ll establish a plan for when to use certain types of money to minimize tax exposure. We’ll also identify areas where taxation could legally be avoided, potentially making a significant impact on your retirement income.
We’ll look at how the death or disability of one spouse could affect the surviving spouse’s financial situation and implement strategies designed to ensure they can continue in the lifestyle they’re used to.
We’ll evaluate the potential financial impact to your estate if you need long-term care or experience a health crisis and explore your options for paying for medical care.
We work closely with an estate planning attorney to determine what legal documents or tools you need to help with your wealth transfer goals. We’ll also regularly review your existing documents to make sure your money is distributed according to your wishes in a tax-efficient manner.

Meeting Questions

You could benefit from meeting with our team if you want to:

  • Help remove uncertainty from your financial future
  • Have a full comprehensive retirement plan
  • Find out if you’ll have enough income to last the rest of your life
  • Pay less in taxes on Social Security and other income
  • Cut out the Internal Revenue Service from your will
  • Earn a reasonable rate of return on your money
  • Reduce market volatility and protect your assets
  • Make sure that health care costs will not derail your retirement
  • Reduce portfolio fees
  • Work with a fiduciary
  • Take care of themselves and others, particularly family
  • Make sure your distribution plan is as tax efficient as possible. One way to recoup money in retirement is to pay less in taxes!

No. We’re independent. We believe that each investor is unique, and no single company is right for everyone. Our goal is to serve you by using the right tools and strategies available. We believe the only way to be a True Fiduciary is to work with an Independent Advisor!
If you are attending one of our financial seminars, please document your Scheduling Preference on your Seminar Evaluation Form and a BAM Advisory Group team member will be by to collect your Evaluation Form and schedule your desired appointment, at the end of the event. You can always call our office at 303.531.5055 to schedule your appointment.
Many people have a financial advisor and still choose to visit with us for a second opinion. We find that some financial advisors are only focused on investments and/or may be charging high fees. They are not helping clients with other important retirement issues such as saving on taxes, planning for future health care costs and protecting your assets. During your initial meeting, we’ll discuss your potential needs in these areas. We’ll also take a second look at your financial accounts to provide you with a fee and risk analysis. There is no cost for this meeting and no obligation on your part to do business with us.
  1. Social Security Statements
  2. Annuity Statements
  3. Retirement/Brokerage Statements
  4. Pension Information 
  5. Life Insurance Statements
  6. Pay Stubs
  7. Any questions you may have or issues you want to discuss
There is absolutely no charge or obligation. Many times after the initial face-to-face visit, we are able to tell folks that everything looks great and no changes are recommended. However, if both parties agree that we could add real value to your situation, we would schedule a second visit.
Our corporate headquarters is located at:
165 South Union Blvd, Suite 675 in Lakewood, CO 80228

Our offices are open Monday – Thursday, 8AM to 5PM and Friday 9AM to 3PM. Most client appointments are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays during our normal business hours. After hours or late appointments are available by request.